About Us

RapiDino was established to cater for the increasing demand for cycling in Asia region. Its Italian designed and enginered bikes are developed thru in-depth research and development. Our designs are ergonomic, aerodynamic, light-weight, energy saving, and race-ready, suitable for all levels of cyclists.

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Our understanding and years of knowledge and experience in material engineering has placed RapiDino in the forefront of cycling industry. RapiDino uses the aircraft grade materials to produce its carbon fiber bike frames, the Advance Composite Nano Technology (ACNT).

RapiDino’s products are tested by SGS and approved according to the industry standard to ensure the highest standard and quality. All RapiDino’s carbon fiber products sold at the retail outlets are insured up to USD 1 million.We do carbon wheels.

RapiDino team of expertise consists of professionals with 30 years of accumulated experience in related industry. Our people are passionate in engaging new technology to improve lifestyle.

We seek to understand the consumer needs and play an important part in creating a healthy environment, making this world a better place to live. We are doing our parts, now is your turn to make it happen!